You’re smart, you’re sophisticated, and you’re successful.

You’ve accomplished and achieved some significant milestones that give you confidence in most areas of your life.

Except for that one area that never seems to go so well.  The one thing in your life that you just can’t figure out.  That’s the piece of the puzzle that you can’t seem to make fit.  What is it?  Love.

With everything you’ve accomplished and all the amazing things that make up your life, romantic love still eludes you.

WHY are you still struggling in love?

Do you feel like you were absent on the day they handed out the manual for successful dating? Are you still trying to figure it out and just as confused as ever?

Do you secretly have conversations in your head that go something like this?

•  I succeed at most everything I do. So why is my love life such a mess?

•  I’m committed to attracting and creating what I want. I feel successful in many ways.  Except when it comes to love.

•  I wish I could have more fun with the dating process, I’m ready to meet “the one”.

•  I’d love to share my amazing life with someone, I don’t want to settle, but I’m worried I’m never going to find him.

What If Dating Was Fun and Fulfilling Rather than Disappointing and Discouraging?

side-photosIf you’re like me, you didn’t get handed a user’s guide for relationships so you’ve fumbled along, trying to figure it out on your own. Maybe you’ve had some success in love, but now you find yourself either single, or dating someone you’re not that excited about.

You’re successful in so many other areas of your life – you’re killing it in your career, you’ve got great friends, but something about dating leaves you scratching your head asking yourself, “What the F**k?  How could this be SO complicated?  WHERE are all the good men?

Here’s the thing: you wouldn’t expect someone who knows how to drive a car, to know how to change the oil on a car just because they can drive it, would you? Yet there’s this expectation that you should just know how to do dating well, without a user’s guide and without any training or guidance.

Well that’s where I come in…

I wasn’t always great at dating or relationship. I left my first big love without much notice or discussion, to go travel the world – and didn’t invite him to join me. You can imagine how that went over. I struggled with choosing the right man and then when I finally chose a winner, I screwed it up in countless ways, cuz I didn’t realize the mistakes I was making.

But something worthwhile came out of that heartbreak: I took a step back and took a serious look at my love past, and it wasn’t what I wanted to see in my love future. So I reached out and got support. The books I’d read were helpful, but it really wasn’t until I hired someone who could help me see the blind spots that were derailing me and helped me understand men and relationship in a much clearer way that things started to turn around – fast!

Seeing my patterns and blind spots makes a huge difference in how I showed up on dates and in relationship. I consistently make much better choices, and I no longer struggle in love or relationship. When something challenging comes up, I can navigate it in a way that deepens connection rather than creates a divide.

Now that I know how simple it really is to have deeper love and great sex, I want that for you too!

What would it mean for you if…..

•  You thoroughly enjoyed your dating life because you didn’t let the fear of getting hurt hold you back from love

•  You experienced new levels of intimacy and no longer unconsciously sabotaged your relationships

•  You had effortless and engaging conversations that were deep & soulful, even with someone you’re just getting to know

•  You experienced every conversation as a bridge to connection, rather than a barrier to love

•  You could ask for what you want both in and out of the bedroom, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed because you were comfortable talking about sex, your desires, your fantasies, your preferences

You can be successful at dating, you just need someone to help you learn how.

Ebook-CoverThe 7 Steps to Deeper Love & Better Sex E-book is your user’s guide to love. Here is where I personally guide you through the 7 essential steps of successful relationship so you can finally have the road map to love. Ready to stop grasping in the dark and finally have a love life you love?

Before working with Lisa, my dating life was a mess! I’d meet men but they weren’t right for me, or they never stuck around. Lasting love always felt out of reach since I messed up so many opportunities. But that’s all changed now. I actually feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to love and dating. I feel confidant yet relaxed and my dates feel that! If you’re tired of struggling, you need Lisa in your corner!

Stacey Sims
Branding Expert